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Logo Design

From the APPLE fruit logo, Louis Vuitton LV symbol to McDonald’s M symbol, and Starbuck Mermaid symbol, a logo is a visual representation, a symbol, or a design used to identify a company or organization, as well as its products, services, employees, etc.

Approach of Logo Design

We don’t design a logo straight away. Instead, we structure out 5 phases for the logo design: Discover, Explore, Design, Refine, Define.

The logo is only part of a more extensive visual system, and its pieces all need to work together. For the logo to work well with the brand’s image and statement, we structure out 5 phases while designing a logo: Discover, Explore, Design, Refine and Define. Discover is the question phase where designers will try to fully understand the client’s company or organization, its values, business, brand attributes, etc. Explore is the research phase where designers will test out style, color, and typography to match the client’s brand. Design is the execution phase where designers set the type of logos: wordmark, brand mark, combination mark, abstract logo mark, a letter mark, mascot, emblems, symbols, and design accordingly. Refine is the phase where designers will touch up on the clients’ chosen logo and finalize it. Finally, Define is the phase where the designers will set the guideline for the logo’s size, color, layout, treatment, positioning, orientation, etc.

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