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Data Tracking & Analytics

What would be the concrete and reliable way to prove the KPI and ROI of your business? We all agreed that it would be gathering data on the successes and failures within the business plan. Data tracking is not new for business owners. In fact, quite a lot of them have been using it for a while, and the one a lot of them are familiar with is google analytics. It is helpful for businesses looking to understand user behaviors better. It provides companies with insight into customer behaviors on their web pages, landing pages, blog articles, links, and more to deliver targeted, personalized, and delightful experiences.

Approach of Data Tracking & Analytics

We have developed a custom data tracking application (Klearmap) which could provide you all the details of your audiences. Klearmap is an all-in-one web analytics tool that provide detailed analytics, visitor behavior, real-time data, session recording and heatmaps tracking.

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