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B2B Marketing

Most of the time, businesses tend to focus on how to sell their products and services to their individual consumers. As a result, they can effectively develop a strategy for their consumers. However, the plan falls short when introducing its brands to other business sectors.

Approach of B2B Marketing

We process B2B marketing with 3 stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. With those 3 processes, we then deep dive into brand positioning, target audience, competitive analysis, and marketing channels.

Unlike B2C customers, B2B customers are all about expertise, driven by logic, and desire to be educated rather than convinced. They prefer to get information from an article than an ad. Therefore, the strategy is much different from the strategy for B2C: B2B customers would prefer checklists to viral content, industry reports to blog posts, webinars to videos, case studies to buyer guides, ROI calculators to product demos, and testimonials than reviews.

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