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Art Direction

Art direction sets the tone, feel, and artistic style for the projects whenever there are design projects for the ad campaigns. Much like a music conductor who is responsible for unifying the music from different musicians, art direction makes sure all the design projects convey the main message and visual essence
of the brand.

Approach of Art Direction

We create visual stories that will bring out your brand among the crowd.

With our art direction framework, we make sure all aspects of designs meet the brand’s tonality, image, and personality. The direction framework includes color, typography, composition, concept, and overall design process. In terms of color, we will ask the question, “Does this color scheme fit the brand? Is it appropriate for the situation?” In terms of typography, we will ask the questions, “What does this font connote? How do the type themselves send the message without actual words” In terms of composition, we will go through the thought process of balanced and unbalanced compositions. Finally, in terms of concept, we will ask “How well do these visuals support and convey the brand’s personality?” Without these frameworks, it would be hard to execute unify designs that speak the brand’s mood clearly.

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