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360 Digital Marketing

The term 360 Digital Marketing is a strategy that builds upon past strategies: multi-channel marketing. So what is it that differentiates 360 digital marketing from multi-channel marketing? The 360 marketing approach does not just utilize multiple channels of the message, but all the channels offer a unified and similar customer experience. The key is unification and consistency for 360 Digital Marketing.

Approach of 360 Digital Marketing

Unification and consistency is key in 360 digital marketing and in order to achieve that, data plays a critical role. With the help of our branding and data analysis department, we can extensively study your company’s brand position, effectively collect data and execute a marketing message that is unified across all channels.

Nowadays, digital marketing involves more than just blasting advertising through a variety of channels. The channels are connected to one another and data are the foundation of every informed choice. Having 360 digital marketing lowers the risk of campaign failure and obtains a more comprehensive overview of marketing data. At B360, we have developed our own data analysis tools to collect the most accurate marketing data for you to have an effective and consistent marketing campaign.

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