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HubSpot CRM: The Solution for Private Schools and Institutions

Even though many schools have student management information systems (MIS), these systems typically do not emphasize the admissions process or the student customer journey. In order to efficiently manage their data and communications, independent schools’ admissions, marketing, and communications departments use a variety of platforms (and typically a lot of spreadsheets).

Moreover, in this new digital age,  prospective students and their parents now mostly rely on the internet for their research. Therefore, traditional advertising strategies like radio, television and print advertisements are less effective. Thankfully, inbound marketing may assist both marketing and admissions staff in attracting and enrolling potential students in the most economical manner feasible.

What is HubSpot CRM for education?

HubSpot is software that will aid in the expansion of your school. Not simply to grow bigger, in a way that is more effective for your marketing and admissions teams as well as your potential students.

HubSpot for Education provides all the tools schools need for marketing, admissions, and providing amazing service and student communications, all in one place.

Why should International Schools and Institutions use HubSpot CRM?

CRM for education is fast becoming an essential app, regardless of the size, location, or type of institution you run. CRM software for education gathers crucial consumer data from several sources and puts it in a single, accessible database. 

HubSpot helps educational institutions attract higher-quality traffic to their website, convert that website traffic into prospective students, and nurture those prospective students into applicants. 

All of your institution’s interactions with potential and present students can be managed by an education customer relationship management software (CRM). Additionally, it helps you manage communications with donors, staff, alumni, and other members of your institution’s educational community.

What can International Students do with HubSpot CRM?

Suppose you don’t have a proper system. In that case, the student admission process can be a bit challenging, communicating with thousands of pupils at once can be quite tricky, and reporting can be time-consuming.

With the help of HubSpot CRM, you can –

  1. Manage inquiry and application process
  2. Communicate effectively with students, parents, and alumni
  3. Analytics and reporting and many more.
  1. Manage inquiry and application process

Admissions teams can quickly reply and engage with the inquiries being captured from your HubSpot landing pages and inquiry forms. HubSpot provides the deep-dive information of each and every contact from the pages they viewed on your website to their engagement with your email marketing campaigns and social media channels.

So, they will never lose the interaction and history of the contacts. 

They will be able to call and email prospects directly from a contact record without leaving the app, with the email and any replies being automatically recorded without the need for human data entry. They will be able to use email templates and documents to present your school’s value proposition and build relationships with potential families, take notes, collaborate with other team members, and leave comments on a contact’s timeline.

  1. Communicate effectively with students, parents, and alumni

HubSpot CRM software provides you with enough communication capabilities as well as additional chances for tailored and targeted messages. HubSpot’s tools make communication quick and simple, whether responding to a family through a personalized, 1-1 email or sending an automated message from the school.

During non-school hours, chatbots can be utilized to instantly respond to frequently asked inquiries and automated email responses. With HubSpot’s Inbox function, you can interact with incoming messages on social media and via email all from one location.

  1. Analytics and Reporting

The status of the business can be estimated from the data shown in the reports. Therefore, reporting is an important part of every business. Normally, schools usually do manual reporting to gather and review the data. But this is time-consuming and occasionally results in small data errors. 

In HubSpot CRM, you can customize and view all the data as you want. the school’s revenue, profit report, admission rate, and enrollment per class. You can also create and organize custom reports such as retention rates. One of the advantages of the HubSpot CRM Reporting tool is that you can also send reports by email to the management team on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis according to the dashboard. In this way, the school director, Stakeholders will be able to share neat and accurate reports to save time.

Whether you’re a small or large institution, a CRM for education is essential for your admission process. HubSpot CRM software comes with Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs and you can try out the HubSpot free trial today and access one of the best CRMs for education. 

Just connect with us and learn about the best plan for your institutional needs and budget. B360 can help you to achieve the goal by employing HubSpot sales and marketing tools to utilize your business. As Myanmar’s first HubSpot Gold Certified Partner and HubSpot Impact Award Winner 2022 Q-3, we offer personalized service to our customers according to HubSpot’s best practices.